Temporary status for Gnome 2.6 desktop and developer-libs

Hi translators,

I've made a temporary copy of status pages at:

These pages contain only desktop and developer-libs categories,
because I'm on a modem line which hardly ever gets more than 3kB/s.
This also means that I didn't upload all the generated PO files

I seem to have somehow missed gtk+/po-properties, but I don't feel
like regenerating all the pages for this one module only.

I did include all the POT files already, and you can find them in:

Since all PO files are around 16MB tarred and bzipped, I don't feel
like uploading them just yet (remember, 3k/s :).  I may do that later
on, but POT file should be sufficient if you do something like:
  cvs -z4 -d:anoncvs@cvs.gnome.org:/cvs/gnome co module/po/xx.po
with "module" being a name of the module (eg. "gnome-panel"), and
"xx" being you language code.

Then, you simply merge it with msgmerge:
  msgmerge -o updated-xx.po xx.po module.POT

And you commit your updated-xx.po just like you do usually.

Of course, this is all only temporary, and we can keep on hoping that
status pages get fixed as soon as possible.  I don't plan to run this
again anytime soon, but I still hope this will be useful to some.


PS. It's possible that I've made some mistakes in updating CVS,
because I saved some time [as compared to original status pages] by
using "cvs up -Pd" inside a module, instead of completely new
checkout.  So, if you decide to use these POT files, I don't make any

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