Re: Missing files from

tor 2004-02-12 klockan 01.02 skrev Danilo Segan:
> I'll be going through most of developer-libs now, and I'll fix all
> the remaining issues of this kind.  I'll also go through a big part
> of desktop, so I'll fix whatever I come across there as well.
> This is not really a string freeze break, but it will have such an
> effect for most of the translators.  If anyone thinks I should not do
> this, please speak up now.

Thanks for doing this! But please keep translators posted on which
modules you've done this, and I think also the respective maintainers
can be cc:ed aswell. After all, the base responsibility for keeping uptodate is with the developers, and it's even more crucial
during string freeze times, so reminding them that someone forgot to do
it (no names mentioned) probably doesn't hurt.


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