Missing files from POTFILES.in

Hi everyone,

I'm "back" from temporary absense (due to exams ;), and I was welcomed
with a big bunch of translations needing update (500+ fuzzy messages,
300 new untranslated messages).

But, to get to the point.

I've noticed that gnome-vfs/po/POTFILES.in has some files missing.
I've added those files now, and the result is 4 new messages for

I'll be going through most of developer-libs now, and I'll fix all
the remaining issues of this kind.  I'll also go through a big part
of desktop, so I'll fix whatever I come across there as well.

This is not really a string freeze break, but it will have such an
effect for most of the translators.  If anyone thinks I should not do
this, please speak up now.


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