Re: Evolution is out, apparently

Danilo Segan <> writes:


> But lets not mistake and confuse *our* personal motives, with motives
> of others.  I have very well observed on this list that there are
> people who translate with the goal of having a completely supported
> "official" Gnome.  They don't have the time to dedicate to much else.

Yeah, true. I just felt that the way you presented the issue was a
little, well, one-sided and I was sort of hoping that people would
think a bit more about their goals.

>> If people feel very bitter about the 80% limit, if it is hampering our
>> process, let's get rid of it. It's just a marketing gimmick and it
>> doesn't even reflect the end user experience anyway.
> Yeah, and it's a "marketing gimmick" which is used for advertising
> Gnome as well :)
> It's a "marketing gimmick" one is going to use against Gnome (as
> recently happened when someone complained about UnitedLinux choosing
> Gnome as The Desktop over KDE, for KDE had more support for different
> languages).
> And it's a "marketing gimmick" I am going to point local reporters at
> when they want to help our ideals by running a story about it (which
> will probably bring in more helpers as well).

I can see your point. But you could just say, "And there are
translations for over x languages". You don't need a specific 80%
limit for that.

It isn't really meaningful. I suspect that nobody ever sees 50% of the
strings. There's an awful lot of error messages, console strings and
GConf keys out there.

Of course, it does not change the fact that if you are just going for
a well-supported Gnome core (for whatever the release team has decided
be the core), the fact that Evolution was in and is now out may have
taken up most of your resources for quite some time.

Ole Laursen

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