Spanish Gnome Translation Project publishes GR about Rossetta

Hi everybody.

After the Ubuntu conference that took place at Mataro, and after some
discussion about Rosetta, we have concluded the following:

- Some of our current needs are:
  - Quality Control over the translation process
  - Quality Assurance for the desktop
  - Enhanced methods for error detection
  - Enhanced Memory Translation Management
  - Immediate testing on the application
  - Terminology management
  - Integrated documentation translation management
  - Develop a set of free software applications to manage our
translation project.  

So, presented the current facts we, the Spanish Gnome Translation
Project, publish the following GENERAL RESOLUTION:

1.- Rossetta licensing is not clear, so we cannot approve the inclusion
of a non-GPL tool in our translation work until Rossetta is released
under a GPL-compatible license. We currently have enough proprietary
translation memory tools to accomplish this job better than with

2.- Rosetta still is too inmature and is not a suitable tool for our
current needs, so the project will NOT adopt Rossetta in its current
state and will not integrate it in our translation process.

We as free software contributors, hope that Rossetta will be finally
released under the terms of the GPL license (or equivalent). Until that
moment we discorage the use of this tool, or any further support and
concentrate in bringing up Free Software Translation tools.

Francisco Javier F. Serrador

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