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On 2003-09-05(Fri) 11:23:16 -0400, Noah Levitt wrote:
> > It's be nice if someone could separate numbers for Portuguese and  
> > Brazilian Portuguese, as well as for Chinese Traditional and Chinese  
> > Simplified.
> According to,
> there are 158 million Portuguese speakers in Brazil, and 10
> million in Portugal, plus a few more elsewhere.
> The thing about Chinese is that many different languages are
> written more or less exactly the same way (Mandarin and
> Cantonese for example), so you have to add up the native
> speakers of all those languages. My guess is that the
> population of China, rounded down to the nearest hundred
> million ;-), is a good enough estimate for Simplified, and
> the population of Taiwan is good enough for Traditional,
> respectively 1.2 billion and 22.6 million.

For traditional Chinese, there are about 7 million Hong Kong people too,
so that sums up to almost 30 million. But this distinction only applies
to written language. For langugage SPEAKERS things would be entirely
different, as both mainland Chinese and Taiwanese speak Mandarin.


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