yes , I have had someone translate the gnome to Uighur. I have tested the pango and it is able to render script of Uighur.

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From: Christian Rose 
To: ѳ ;miaochen_75@sohu.com ;miaoc@xjuit.com 
Cc: GNOME I18N List 
Subject: Re: Translation into Uighur [ug]
Sent: Mon Oct 27 21:36:11 CST 2003

> ons 2003-01-29 klockan 07.03 skrev ѳ:
> > Hello. I have a question about translation of Gnome, please share me
> > some time to help me, I want to translate the gnome to one language
> > :Uighur[ug], because this language is used by minority in RPC, now
> > this language has been untouched in linux , I want start a team for
> > Uighur[ug], but I dont  know how  to start ,this language is very
> > like Arabic , and I have truetype font file used in window98or 2000 of
> > this language , please send me some advice to solve this problem.
> > Thank you very much! My email address is miaochen_75@sohu.com or
> > miaoc@xjuit.com
> Hi! I just found this old mail
> (http://lists.gnome.org/archives/gnome-i18n/2003-January/msg00403.html)
> that unfortunately had ended up in my spam filter.
> Are you still interested in translating into Uighur? Does anyone know if
> the script used for this language can be rendered by Pango?
> Christian

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