Re: GOK branch gok_i18n created

ons 2003-10-08 klockan 14.34 skrev Bill Haneman:
> > I have just created a new gok branch, "gok_i18n".  This is where we are
> > putting GOK changes that are specifically in support of GOK
> > internationalization and localization, but which cannot be committed to
> > the 2.4 stream due to freeze constraints.

Thanks for the notice.

> > In any case we plan to merge this branch back into HEAD after we
> > branch for gnome_2_4.

As Danilo already pointed out, stable branch names aimed for particular
GNOME releases should use the "gnome-MAJOR-MINOR" scheme, so in this
case the correct branch name should be "gnome-2-4" :


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