Re: ngettext revisited

среда, 01. октобар 2003. 09:21:05 CEST — Alexander Larsson написа:
> Is this really true? I though there was a problem with the pofiles
> generated with an ngettext supporting gettext that made them
> incompatible with older gettexts.

Yes, there are problems because PO files that use ngettext contain  
lines like:
 msgid ""
 msgid_plural "..."
 msgstr[0] "..."
 msgstr[1] "..."
 msgstr[2] "..."

Yet, Christophe asked for some essential package to include a  
requirement for ngettext (meaning, it won't compile without it; at  
least I understood it like that), so I just offered an equivalent but a  
bit more complicated solution (one line per package, instead of not  
having to check for anything).

So no, this is no solution to make old gettext's cooperate with PO  
files requiring ngettext, except for possibly commenting out the  
"questionable" entries (they can easily be commented out even with a  
one line sed expression -- perhaps this is a "solution" we might go  
for? The upside of this is that this could all be done in PO compile- 
time, and msgfmt accepts input from stdin).

It's the same solution as the one Christophe is waiting for: Gnome to  
require GNU gettext, and to *fail* without ngettext present.


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