Re: Do some components use Pango?


Javier SOLA <> writes:

> I am looking into the translation of some Gnome components to Khmer,
> and need to know if they use Pango for character rendering or they
> have their own support somewhere else.
> The components are:
> - Alsa
> - Totem
> - Firestarter
> - Gimp

I can only definitely speak for The GIMP. The CVS HEAD branch
(released as gimp-1.3, to be 2.0) uses Pango to render it's user
interface just like any other GTK2 application. Our text tool also
uses Pango, though not by means of GDK.

I don't know much about Khmer. Does it need a Pango shaper module to
be rendered correctly? If that is the case, someone should check if
there's such a module for the PangoFT2 backend as well. Fortunately
the Pango HEAD branch allows a good deal of code to be shared between
shaper modules for PangoXft and PangoFT2.


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