Re: Missing file in libxklavier CVS

> Can't we avoid having two branches and just use HEAD ?  My hope
> would be that libxklavier could filter elements that the server does
No way. Actually, it is possible to filter the elements - but checking
every element is rather expensive operation, so I do not want to do it
(for all models/layouts/variants/options) at the keyboard capplet
startup - it would make it unacceptable long. And offer some elements
which are not on the server - is not really nice gesture. For example, a
lot of Russian users of MSWin like to use RCtrl as a group switcher
(well, not with the standard Windows keyboard switcher). And XFree 4.3
configuration repository allows it. But not XFree 4.2. And if such user
asks for this option - he does not get it (though it is listed as
available). And he is frustrated. Is it OK?

> same file for and xserver that does not include it.  It seems easier
Easier. But the price is possible unpleasant user experience with GNOME.
> to just use HEAD, and avoid branching at all.  That will make
> translation easier.
Sure. No doubts.

> I don't claim it is.  Those are strings that people will see.  For
> 2.6 we will need  translation coverage on par with the rest of the
> core gnome desktop.
I do not argue. I am just concerned about the possible implications.

> This is an unrelated point.  I suspect we won't.  The only other
> option would be to notice it is missing and disable the layout ui
> entirely as if xkb was missing.
:) Nice idea. Actually, we could consider 4.2 as X server with missing
"proper" xkb (by "proper" I see existing xfree86.xml and support for
multiple layouts). Way to go?:)

> It's fine by me.  Put the fine in the gswitch-common module and mark
> it for translation.  I'll contact the release and translation folk
> to get it on the lists.
Stop. This is separate module. And it has to remain as such.
libgswitchit has nothing to do with it. Could you pleas just look at

> You could set up a cron job on your machine to update it.
> or add some wget magic to the dist process to update it.
> Neither should be terribly taxing.
Well, this is the secondary question - comparing to the one that
xfree86.xml from HEAD is a SUPERset of options available in XFree 4.2 (I
do not even mention other servers).



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