Re: Missing file in libxklavier CVS

> My thought was that because intltool nicely splits the translations
> out into po files then remerges things it would be very easy to
> generate patches that could be fed upstream.
This is exactly how the "right" version of xfree86.xml is prepared! But
will GTP support two branches in CVS: HEAD and 4.2?
> These are user visible strings in an area that intl users are fairly
> likely to look.  Proper translation is a very high priority.
"Fairly likely" is not statistics. Where would be the turn point when we
could consider 4.2 as obsolete? New Debian stable with 4.3?

> We could put the actual upstream version in GNOME CVS.  Fantastic.
> That would make would ideal from a translation perspective.
Only for the file shipped with XFree!:) So, should I consider this
comment as "go ahead" for creating new module in GNOME CVS? I am ready
at any point.

> I just want to put it there - and
> > forget:)
> Why not keep the fallback in sync, even if it is only updating it at
> release time as you do now ?
Because it would require my special attention during the release
procedure - not to forget to update it. I want it either to be in CVS -
and be virtually "read-only, no maintenance" thing - or not to be in CVS
- and be a symlink (on my system) to the _actual_ and _up-to-date_


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