Re: ANNOUNCE: Kartouche 0.2, Web-based PO translation, by KevinDonnelly

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 04:29:52PM +0100 or thereabouts, Stephen Holmes wrote:

Some of the Welsh team have been using Kyfieithu, so I'll chip in.

> Benefits
> - Immediate status updates
> - Immediate checkins (with scripts to automate the CVS co/ci steps)

We don't check in automatically. We check the contributions first
in the interests of consistency and good spelling. Well. I say 
"we", but I mean "Dafydd" for the Gnome stuff and Kevin for the
KDE stuff. 

Two more benefits: 

 - For groups who are not using the "compendium" stuff in gettext,
there is a thing called Kartouche associated with Kyfieithu, which
is a database of accepted translations. For the Welsh work,
Kyfieithu has a database made up of translations from Gnome, KDE,
Mozilla and (I think) OpenOffice. 

So when you meet something you're not sure of, you can ask
Kartouche, and it will show you every string containing that
word and how it was eventually translated. This is helpful
for things ranging from "Well, there are two words for this,
used in different dialects of the language: which one should
I use?" to technical terminology ("Do we _have_ a word for
this?") to "I wonder what Mozilla uses for this: we might as
well be consistent".

 - There is a sizable group of people on the net who don't
like mailing lists and who much prefer the web. Anyone else
noticed the vast drop in gnome-list traffic? I used to get 
30-odd posts a day from it. Now I see more like three. But
there is a web forum for the same sort of subjects and it's
really active. Kyfieithu is very good for people who prefer
the web. We got a lot of unexpected translations through it.


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