Re: GTP groups --why?

lör 2003-05-31 klockan 17.09 skrev Ramanan Selvaratnam:
> Can some one explain  what is the defining line between the GTP groups
> 'developer libs' and 'desktops'?

Developer-libs are libraries that are part of the GNOME2 platform and
that not only the desktop applications but also third party applications
are supposed to use.

Desktop is the desktop, end user applications that are part of the
GNOME2 release. It also contains some libraries that are not supposed to
be used by third party applications.

The contents of "developer-libs" and "desktop" together form the set of
translations that make up official GNOME core releases. I.e. those two
sets of modules are what you need to translate to make the GNOME
releases fully translated, and what we base the level of support grading
on on.

> Is the former GTK2+ relevant files....?
> ie, must for ROX or XFCE development

Gtk+ is part of developer-libs. Yes, if you translate gtk+, it will
benefit the users of ROX and XFCE too.


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