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Bruno Haible wrote:
| Christian Rose writes in
| :
|>How to update an existing translation
|>9. Commit everything (don't forget to add ChangeLog-style commit comment):
|>   cvs commit
| I think this step is incomplete. It should read as follows:
|   9. Check if the POT file was updated by the translators meanwhile.
|      cvs update *.pot
|      If this command reports "U" or "P", the POT file has changed, and
|      you need to update your PO file accordingly:

In GNOME CVS, pot files are not committed into CVS. They are generated
by intltool whenever there is need.

|      mv xy.po xy.po.tmp
|      cvs update xy.po
|      msgmerge -o xy.po xy.po.tmp *.pot

| Furthermore, you can improve another step in this tutorial:
|>How to add a new translation
|>4. Rename the pot file to xy.po:
|>   mv GConf2.pot xy.po
| The 'msginit' program has been created to streamline this step for the
| translators, filling in most of the header entry. So you can write
| this step as follows:
|   4. Create the initial xy.po:
|      msginit -l xy

This sounds like a good tip for inclusion in tutorial.


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