Re: Gnome-games and scheme

fre 2003-05-23 klockan 16.30 skrev Danilo Segan:
> >Perhaps the message could be rewritten. I'm thinking of examples like:
> >
> >msgid "move the card \"%s\" onto the card \"%s\""
> >
> >This probably avoids gender problems etc, since it's the card that's
> >always the subject and object now. Would it solve the problem for
> >Serbian too?
> Well, actually, we do use this form in such cases, so it's probably 
> unneccessary to restrict other translators who *do* have an option for a 
> nicer and better string.
> Also, this is just "acceptable" solution, not a really correct one (some 
> would argue that even then the word should be tranformed in Serbian, but 
> at least this is readable and doesn't sound *too* flaky).
> Also, I'd be interested to know how are other translators who face 
> similar dillemas approaching the issue. If we can generalize this 
> enough, we might maybe come up with the solution similar to plural-forms 
> in gettext.

Perhaps. Such a discussion for a general technical gettext solution to
this problem is probably more suited on the list
though, where gettext maintainers and many other knowledgeable people
are subscribed, and it's not a list specific to GNOME.
Perhaps you could bring this up on that list?


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