Gnome-games and scheme

This is to let all the people doing tranlations for gnome-games about a
minor, but confusing, issue you are going to find. (If this isn't
the best place to get the message out could someone tell me where is.)

Strings from within the scheme code are now translated, this includes a
few strings that are like C printf strings, but not quite. For example

"~a of ~a"

the ~a construct is directly equivalent to the %s in printf.
In this case the two ~a will be filled in with Queen and hearts
to give "Queen of hearts". The problem comes when you want to reverse
the two included strings (I believe German is like this). Then you need
to write

"~1*~a of ~@*~a~1*"

instead. Fortunately there is only one case 
where this happens and it is also documented in the source file.

In every other case where you find ~a used you can assume that it is
going to be replaced by the name of a card.

This change is painful, but necessary to have the translations working 
properly. I think I've fixed all the i18n problems in aisleriot, if anyone 
finds any more please file a bug.

 - Callum

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