Re: Adding website to gnome-i18n module

mĺn 2003-05-12 klockan 20.54 skrev Carlos Perelló Marín:
> > I'm from the brazillian translation team. We would like to share our
> > website's code so that we can have anyone fixing problems, etc. Can
> > we add it to a pt_BR subdirectory of the gnome-i18n module?
> What kind of website is it?
> It's an specific one to your team?
> We should not put inside gnome-i18n anything that it's not directly
> related with translations.

Agreed. Also, the gnome-i18n module is big enough as it is. It takes a
while to check out, and those translators on a low bandwidth link might
have problems if it gets bigger. We should probably be more restrictive
about what gets added there in the future.

As it is now, we have some language team subdirectories, usually with
only some glossaries and guidelines as content. Perhaps we should leave
it at that. A whole website is probably overkill.

> If you need a cvs module, I think that you should add a new root modules
> (something like gnome-web-pt_BR or any other name you think it's better
> (my proposed name sucks, so please take it only as an example :-P)

Another alternative is to use Savannah or Sourceforge, as mentioned on

> P.S.: Christian, Could we add a policy notice inside your translator
> document at talking about when we should use
> gnome-i18n and when we should not use it? I don't know if that policy
> exists...

I don't think there's any policy. Right now I'm kind of occupied with
other things though, so if you had time to write such a thing I'd
appreciate your help very much.


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