Re: Is the Korean team dead?

2003-05-02  06:54, Christian Rose() :
> Hi!
> Do you know if the Korean GNOME translation team is dead? I've tried
> several times to contact the current Korean coordinator, Noh Woo Kyong
> <>, but so far without success.
> I also sent the attached mail to the mailing list
> with request for a new Korean coordinator almost a month ago but so far
> without a single response regarding anything Korean.
> Do you know anything about the Korean team situation? In that case,
> please clarify it on the list.
> Otherwise I'll delete the Korean translation team listing soon.

I have not seen him for a while.

AFAIK Korean translators have never worked as a 'team'.  He volunteered
the coordinator, but did nothing.  Though the Korean translators did
their jobs without any team effort.

anyway I'll try to contact Woo Kyong anyway and to find a new
coordinator if possible.


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