Re: Slides from the I18N BOF

This doesn't seem to be too much GUADEC related, so I'm removing that cc

Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote:

>OK, there will always be errors, the problem is to report them and
>correct them. I am helping out on that process with the glibc alpha
>list. I would just like to know which examples there are, then I would
>like to try to follow up on these errors and get them corrected.
>So if you could post the errors here, or mail them directly to me or
>report them to the alpha list, that would be fine.
There are some problems with Serbian locale definitions. Mainly, the 
date formats are incorrect. Also, I (and many others) would like GNU 
libc to use the more appropriate codes of "sr" for Serbian (cyrillic), 
and "sr@Latn" for Serbian in Latin script. I know this would break 
compatibility with past locales, but it can be resolved using aliases 
locally if someone really needs it, right? And by the way, it would 
enforce consistent usage of codes across entire GNU system (GNU userland 
and a GNU desktop/development environment Gnome; others, like GNUstep 
are not affected because they are not localized).

Also, there should be a change of country code soon (name has changed 
from "Yugoslavia" to "Serbia and Montenegro" earlier in the year), so 
that and perhaps other fixes could go at the same time.

I have already posted a summary (without technical details) on the 
bug-glibc list, but noone seemed interested — perhaps it's a wrong list.

I can send you the entire "correct" locale specifications (for both 
latin and cyrillic), or just provide pointers what to use for different 

Are you perhaps interested in these?


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