Re: New language team for Serbian (sr)

mån 2003-04-07 klockan 23.45 skrev Danilo Segan:
> Maintainer:
>  Daneelo Shegun (for those reading english)
>  Danilo Šegan (latin Serbian transcription)
>  Данило Шеган (Serbian)
> E-mail is: <>
> The web site adress is (I just bought set it up, 
> so it might take a day or two for DNS updates to propagate).

Thanks. I've changed the Serbian coordinator on the teams page now

Contributing translations for GNOME 2.2 is probably the best strategy
for now. You can find the pot files to translate on and

You can send your translated po files to me for the moment, and I'll put
them into cvs for you. Just make sure they are encoded in UTF-8, pass
the "msgfmt -cv sr.po" test without errors or warnings, and gzip the po
files before attaching them to mail. Later, once you have contributed a
few po files that way, we can arrange for a cvs account of your own
( has instructions for

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here on the list
or on the #i18n channel on


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