Re: Please avoid unnecessary markup in messages


Christian Rose <> writes:

> Consider that each one of these on average has a few of these messages,
> and most of the translation teams are just two people or even less, and
> you'll hopefully realize that this problem has a large impact for
> translators. And, if you only think this is a little "nuisance", you
> forgot to read my entire mail to begin with.

I read your mail and I agreed with it mainly. I've gone through the
GIMP source code myself lately and made sure we don't unnecessarily
mark markup for translation . I was only arguing that the layout
suggested by the HIG can only be easily achieved using PangoMarkup.

You have to see the developers point here as well and should evaluate
if the extra work of the translators is acceptable if it leads to a
better user experience due to well-designed dialog boxes. Until
there's a decent API that allows to get along w/o the use of
PangoMarkup developers will have to resort to it.

Salut, Sven

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