Re: podiff

Christian Rose <> writes:

>> To be discussed by mail or via the
>> list.
> Ok, I'll send a request there.

Thanks.  I'll continue the discussion there.

> You can find it at

Got it.

> It's a Swedish hack, that's why it puts "N" in front of new strings and
> "G" in front of old strings (the Swedish word for "old" is "gammal").

Okay, it's a read-only view, very diffy; international users might
prefer "+" (N) and "-" (G).  Is "gammal" slang?  Sounds like the German
word "gammlig"/"vergammelt" which you can use in connection with food ;)

You can produce a similar output with this command:

    msgcat -o - | msgattrib --fuzzy -o -

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