Re: Units for wind speed

On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 16:15, Christian Rose wrote:
> The bug talks about units
> for wind speed.
> Appearantly, even though many countries use metric units for this, the
> choice of units vary. For example, I'm fairly sure most weather reports in
> France display wind speeds measured in km/h (kilometres per hour), but in
> Sweden all weather reports display wind speeds measured in m/s (metres
> per second). To make sure that gweather picks the appropriate unit for
> each locale, we need to gather this information for locales.
> So if you can add information to the list below, please do so. Add
> "CONFIRMED" if you have found some seemingly official document that states
> which unit should be used in wind speed reports. Otherwise, just watch
> some weather reports and watch the wind speed units used. :)
> locale  unit  status
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> sv_SE   m/s   CONFIRMED (,
> sv_FI   m/s   ?
> fr_FR   km/h  ?
de_DE	m/s	?
> <add your locale here>
> Christian
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