Re: Re[6]: gnome-control-center problem

On pet, 2002-03-08 at 03:53, Wang Jian wrote:
> Hello Christian,
> Friday, March 08, 2002, 8:48:51 AM, you wrote:
> CR> I think someone already explained that this is something that has to do
> CR> with cvs includes.
> CR> If you get an error with missing files no matter how many times you cvs
> CR> update, you should try deleting the module and cvs checkout it again.
> CR> Chances are that files are missing because of cvs weirdness, but a fresh
> CR> checkout will almost always solve this kind of problems.
> CR> If the file is missing also on a fresh checkout, only then you can be
> CR> sure that it's probably a bug.
> I think you are some way right, but not for anyone. I often work on
> gnome translation at home, with 56k modem. So fresh checkout takes
> long. But I will do as you suggest in the future, even if it is
> painful.

i somehow got to a strange feeling that new intltool-update -p is
corrupting (i think that happens sometimes when i abort it
with cntrl-c during exectution)...
therefore ... just delete and get the version from CVS and
things should work again...

but maybe you are suffering from some other problem...

Have a nice day
Andraž Tori

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