Re: [G2R] gdm2 string freeze breakage

On Fri, 2002-06-07 at 00:55, Christian Rose wrote:
> Appearantly the string freeze was broken with this commit:
> date: 2002/06/06 18:40:52;  author: jirka;  state: Exp;
> Thu Jun 06 11:47:26 2002  George Lebl <>
>         *, po/, gui/greeter/themes/,
>           gui/greeter/themes/happygnome/*:  Add the happygnome theme,
>           so finally the theme browser makes sense since you can now
>           switch between two themes :)  If we're in freeze we can at least
>           add themes ...
> It adds only 4 new messages to gdm2 HEAD, but the bad thing is that
> translators at weren't informed and also weren't
> expecting an unannounced string change this late. I only found out by
> accident now. :(

I think we need to be hardasses and ask George to revert this commit. 
Part of working together on a group project is being willing sometimes
to sacrifice our own interests for those of others in the group. In this
case, it means developers have to be willing to sacrifice something they
want to add so that the translators can get their job done. It's a
pretty small sacrifice - the cool thing you want to add will be there in

Please, let's show the translators the respect they have earned and
rightly deserve.

John Fleck (h) (w)

"You don't want to die with the music still in you."
 - John Gardner

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