Re: [G2R] Re: Patches for gnome-media

tor, 2002-07-25 kl. 23:30 skrev Michael Meeks:
> Hi Kjartan,
> On Thu, 2002-07-25 at 13:51, Christian Rose wrote:
> > I'd vote for this too. Staying out of legal trouble is utterly
> > important, and not something that can be delayed. I think most
> > translators can manage.
> 	Indeed - so, in case I'm still someone who can approve this sort of
> thing, and in case it's still not done - please go ahead ASAP.

Since nobody else did this I just commited them now. On HEAD as I
couldn't find any gnome-2-0 branch. Two of the patches were overlapping
anyway. If any of this (shortcuts patch) should be reverted I apologize
in advance ;)


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