Re: Status for status pages

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Christian Rose wrote:

> What's the status for the status page rewrite?
> GNOME2 string freeze was Feb 18th. Deep freeze will be no later than Mar
> 6th. As I understand, that means that there isn't much time left for
> completing GNOME2 translations, and we need working status pages very
> soon. Carlos, I appreciate that you have offered to do a total rewrite
> of the status pages, but what's the current status of this project?

Carlos, if you work still has some way to go before finishing, then I'd
suggest reviving the old scripts temporarily, with lower status
regeneration frequency (such as running with nice -19, only update
status pages each other day etc... they are controllable via cron,
and no modification of old scripts is necessary).

Even the status regeneration is wrong, people can still get a rough
idea what's the status for their languages, yet you can still work
on your rewrite of status generation scripts/program. This can be
a compromise IMHO.


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