Re: New release of control-center

man, 2002-04-08 kl. 13:53 skrev Christian Rose:
> On 6 Apr 2002, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> > I'm about to do a new release of control-center from the -1-0 branch.
> > The interesting thing about this release is that it removes the
> > screensaver capplet and introduces a new capplet called
> > default-applications that replaces the gnome-editor capplet. This of
> > course introduces new strings and those will need to be translated.
> >
> > Please do this as quickly as possible.
> This was really short notice! Also, "intltool-update -M" on
> control-center-1-0 reports tons of capplet files missing from
> POTFILES.[in|skip]. Anyway, there's an updated Swedish translation there
> now.

Sorry about that. The point was to get translations in there for the
next release which will probably be the last one before 1.4.1. Still
time for that...

I'd also like to wait for a release of xscreensaver with support for
i18n since we basically don't have a translated screensaver capplet as
of now... :(


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