GIMP Tip of the Day messages

Sven Neumann wrote:
> This page also has a link to the file README.i18n that has
> important information about translating the GIMP. Chapters
> 6 and 8 should be of special interest to you.

  8. Tip of the Day messages

   In addition to message catalogs Gimp provides a file with tips that
   displayed in a Tip of The Day window. Tips in English language are
   in tips/gimp_tips.txt. Translated tips should go into
   gimp_tips.<lang>.txt. There is one more thing: You need to make sure
   have the right reference set up in po/<lang>.po file something like

   #: app/tips_dialog.c:72
   msgid "gimp_tips.txt"
   msgstr "gimp_tips.<lang>.txt"

Hmm, would it be possible to make GIMP tips translatable in a po file in
the future? That would probably ease translation, since gettext has some
nice features: it's easy to compare the original message and the
translation, easy to spot messages that changed or new messages, and so
The messages could be put in a header file, or an XML file of some sort
(if you use intltool/xml-i18n-tools). If it's too much to put in
gimp.pot, it could be a translation catalog of its own.

What do you think?


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