Re: gettext and utf-8 in Gnome 2

An, 2001-11-27 19:46, Pablo Saratxaga rašė:
> Kaixo!
> On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 06:35:14PM +0200, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:
> > > So, If we want that all users get the correct strings we MUST use
> > > bind_textdomain_codeset (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, "UTF-8");
> > > We cannot set it's locale to LOCALE.UTF-8 (for example all gdm2 for
> > > GNOME 1.4 versions will show wrong strings in GNOME 2.0 applications)
> > 
> > So, as it turned out, every application and library, which manipulates
> > or displays translated strings, must call this.
> > 
> > I have done that change for all apps in gnome-games and gnome-core
> > yesterday. Can I continue to do similar fixes for other modules?
> Only for Gtk2.
> If a given program/lib can be compiled both for Gtk2 and Gtk 1.4; then
> that line must be made conditional.

There are no such modules which can be compiled for both. At least none
that I know of.

> Forcing utf-8 display with Gtk 1.4 will break for a lot of languages
> (and no, using an utf-8 locale with Gtk 1.4 isn't very nice in most cases
> (that is a font/XFree86 related problem in fact; btu users won't care where
> the problem comes from, they don't like having text replaced with unreadable
> blank squares...)
> I don't know how much modules are in that case of being compilable with
> either version of Gtk, but they should be identified and handled properly,
> with the bind_textdomain_codeset line being used only when compiled for Gtk2.

Gediminas Paulauskas
Kaunas, Lithuania

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