Re: A problem with zh_CN.GB2312 locale

> Hi, I have a problem using Gnome under the zh_CN.GB2312 locale. The
> problem is: the Chinese menu items, button texts, etc. are displayed
> correctly, but all the English menu items, button texts, etc. are
> displayed with a wrong width. That is, the tail part of these texts are
> not displayed. Also, when I put English letters into an entry, the cursor
> will not appear in the correct place.
> It seems that the width of English characters/fonts are not calculated
> correctly.

It helps if you can post the content of your .gtkrc and system-wide
gtkrc.zh_CN .........
I've seen the same problem before (and other languages with multi-byte
char). After upgrading to 1.2.10 the problem is gone. See if it helps.

Abel Cheung

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