Re: Is Gnome User Guide v1.4 ready for translation ?

On 20-Mar-2001 Dan Mueth wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Dan,
> The GNOME User Guide 1.4 is ready for translation.  Note that it is
> primarily constructed by merging the online documents for many core GNOME
> applications, so it may make sense to first translate these pieces in
> the various GNOME modules and then to merge them into the User's Guide
> afterwards.
David already tell me this. A very good idea.

I think all applets docs come form Gnome modules, 

nautilus-user-manual come from nautilus packet (Mauricio has translated it),

,newbies is quite similar to unix-primer.sgml, 

gpl and fdl have semi-official translation to Spanish, 

and all other files
(authors.sgml gnome-users-guide.sgml wms.sgml desktop.sgml gnomecc.sgml
panel.sgml gmenu.sgml wheeler.sgml) are specific to this guide.

Is this OK?

In v1.2 users guide there are some utilities chapter. Do you plan to included
them in v1.4 release?.
Best Regards.

> I was hoping to have a script built which automatically merges the various
> files.  However, we did not find somebody to do this in the short and busy
> period leading up to 1.4.  So, for now the merging must be done by hand.
I agree, a simple perl script could do this job, but all Gnome people, me to
are very busy with v1.4.

Best regards

p.d. Te animas con alguna de las ayudas de gnome-core, gnome-applets 
o gnome-utils?

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