Re: New Team : Bahasa Melayu (ms)

HPS> First, i would like to inform you all that a langguage called
HPS> Malays (Bahasa Melayu) is exist :)
HPS> the langcode is (ms)
Congratulations! =) 

HPS> 1. is that anyone can point me the procedure, to submit 
HPS> general pakage like, gtk, gnome-core etc?
HPS> 2. can we simply submit the ms.po to the original author?
1. You can ask for CVS login and commit your translations yourself.
2. You can ask somebody from any other languge team to commit it for you
(Go to #i18n chanel on gnome irc!)
Some guys do it permanently or from time to time.
3. And always you can submit it to author =)

Best wishes

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