Re: GTK+-1.2.9

Vlad Harchev <> writes:

> On 1 Mar 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:
>  Hello Owen,
>  Could you please commit this before releasing?

Unfortunately, no, I can't.

I've been trying to nail down the last details of GTK+-1.2.9 for the
last several weeks, and at some point, had to draw a line, and say "no
more changes."

As I said in my announcement of pre3:

 "What I'm looking for at this point are regressions from 1.2.8.  If
  there was a bug in 1.2.8, and it's still in this version, then it's
  not going to be fixed for this release; but please report it and we'll
  fix for 2.0.0. (Or 1.2.10, if we do one.)"

I agree that the localization of the font selector leaves a lot to be
desired -- in this area, but even more so for languages (like Japanese)
which requires multiple fonts in multiple encodings to display.  The
GTK+ font selector doesn't handle that at all.

GTK+-2.0.0 simply completely hides the issue of font encoding from the
user, and I think that's the only way to get a useful
internationalized font selector for anybody but experts.


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