Re: A simple script to manage GnomeGlossary.gnumeric

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Michael Twomey wrote:
> > Thats great thanks, I was hacking on a little script to do this but you
> > beat me to it :). I'll add this into the gnome-i18n/glossary if you
> > want.
> Thanks for your reply.
> Yes, please add it to gnome-i18n/glossary. I will try to update the
> script from there.
> Now that I think about it, if we accept to use the .gnumeric file just
> in order to extract the terms, then the script is sufficient as is and can
> do the work. In the near future the script can be extended so that the
> changes can be put back in the .gnumeric file. XML::Twig can do that, it's
> just to find how. :)
> >
> > Now to work on that README...
> Ack, I'll add one now at the above location.

I just updated the gnome-i18n/glossary/ directory with the following:

README.glossary.tool  		Documentation!
glossary.pot  			.pot output of 24Feb2001 version of
					GnomeGlossary.gnumeric	Updated script (some fixes)

As it was mentioned in a previous mail, I propose to use the second
comment line for any descriptions that the translators find necessary.
Please, use a single line for any comments.

The current Perl script has dependancies on some Perl modules.
I would be happy if Kenneth (author of the xml-i18n tools) can come up
with a solution that does away with installing additional modules.

Simos Xenitellis

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