Re: for zh_TW.Big5 users, please test a bug

On 29 Jun 2001, Marius Andreiana wrote:

> still segfaults ?

>From my testing of cvs ghex, it doesn't segfault at all. Btw, the bug
report doesn't have much detail, so never know what the problem is. And
it's very old --- gnome-utils 1.0.50? ghex doesn't belong to gnome-utils
anymore now. Anyway, the status of this bug can be changed to FIXED IMHO.

However it still poses problem for multibyte char languages: if fonts with
multibyte char is used for display, then it just displays nothing at all.
However, since this is hex editor, I don't think multibyte char is
appropriate in ghex. Maybe try to limit the choice of fonts?


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