Re: Help: need advice/help on resolving 'tscii' problems

Dinesh Nadarajah wrote:

> I changed the line on the header to :
> "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-15\n"
> and I rebooted the machine. When I started X, Gnome started up. But I caould
> not see any translations. Most of the messages had "?????" mixed with random
> characters in them.
> When I quit gnome, I saw the the following error message.
> Gdk-WARNING **: ISO8859-1
> Gdk-WARNING **: Missing characterset in FontSet creation.

Hi Dinesh,
 I could be very wrong on this and it's only a suggestion but I was
currently working on a completely seperate project to Gnome and got a
similar error message on my Fontset claiming it could not read iso8859-6
or tis620.

After a lot of coffee and sleepless nights I found (to my horror) that
the issue was a single'-' in the XLFD font declaration. As I stated
before it may be unrelated to your problem...then again ?!?!

Check your font declaration for iso8859-1 is declared like
Also check you paths.

Yes I know this is a little like Tech support asking is your computer
plugged in :) but sometimes more than not it isn't.

regards and best wishes.
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