Help: need advice/help on resolving 'tscii' problems

Hi All:

I am trying to address the recent spate of issues regarding 'tscii' problems 
in Gnome. I run Red Hat 7.0 currently.

I currently use the current setting in the .po file header.

"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=tscii\n"

While I personally have not experienced any problems compiling and using the 
.po files I have been told that tscii generates a 'non portable encoding' 
error. Probably becaus ei use an older versino of gettext/msgfmt.

So I changed the line on the header to :

"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-15\n"

and I rebooted the machine. When I started X, Gnome started up. But I caould 
not see any translations. Most of the messages had "?????" mixed with random 
characters in them.

When I quit gnome, I saw the the following error message.

Gdk-WARNING **: ISO8859-1
Gdk-WARNING **: Missing characterset in FontSet creation.

When I changed all the encodings to iso-8859-15, I continued to use a 
'tscii' compliant standard.

I am not sure what I can conclude from this but I do need some help in 
deciphering this info. I can think of a few reasons:

1. 'tscii' is not an International standard iso iso-8859-1, etc. So, can it 
be that msgfmt/iconv are generating errors simply because 'tscii' is not an 
internationally recognized encoding.

2. 'tscii' is an 8-bit based encoding like iso-8859-15. But unlike 
iso-8859-15, 'tscii' uses the slots 128-159 for character allocation. Could 
this be generating a compatibility error when the header encoding was set to 
iso-8859-15. TSCII info. is available at

3. Which version of msgfmt etc. is generating errors? I am using RH 7.0 with 
Gnome 1.4 (downloaded from Ximian 3 weeks ago).

There has to be a way to resolve this without much complication. I thought 
about switching to UTF-8 but in the near term most of the apps won't work. 
Would all GNOME 2.0 app. use Pango/UTF-8?

I cannot think of anything ele right now. If I do, I will report. In the 
mean time I would like anyone with any clue to shed some light on this 

Regards and thanks in advance.

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