Re: Nautilus i18n statistics, pozilla etc.

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 02:19:06AM +0800, R.I.P. Deaddog wrote:
> > No, the version 3.0 wasn't good with my local gettext 0.10.38, now it'd
> >  work better as I do use the OLD_PO_FILE_INPUT=yes shell variable to get
> >   with gettext 0.10.38 broken files working.
> I think I get that you mean. Is that another zh_TW.Big5.po not in CVS? I
> knew that somebody has updated traditional chinese translation, yet not
> quite sure if that person is using old gettext or new one, and not sure
> if the updated translation is submitted. Is there any way that I can have
> a look and fix it(provided it's not in CVS), or it'd be better if I ask to
> original translator?

No, it works fine now also here. It was a fallible msgmerge call in 3.0 -- the
 current 3.5 works fine.

> Currently using gettext 0.10.38, and runs fine here. Here is
> the output.......

Look above, we're more happy with 3.5 alltogether.

> ......[output]..........
> ta              ------------- Failure due to a warning ------------

This is an often occuring problem: msgfmt/msgmerge print out warnings due to
 the TSCII encoding; are these warnings foo'sh? Due to the warning there
  are no statistics for any ta.po/ta in's output table..
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