Translating procman...

On 1 Jul 2001, Kevin Vandersloot wrote:
> Procman source can now be found in GNOME cvs.

I had a look at it for the purpose of translating. There seems to be
no bugzilla component for procman yet, so here comes the report.

There is a minor problem, namely when you run xml-i18n-update (which
calls xgettext) you get:

	src/proctable.c:65: warning: unterminated string literal

Just a warning, but it works. I had a look at the code in that place and
it seems there is a lot of XML inside the C code. The XML seems to be
marked for translation (title:s have an underscore in front), and this
could be a bigger problem for translation purposes: Afaik, XML has to be
put in seperate files (outside of C files) for XML translation to work.
The reason is that xml-i18n-tools determines file types based on file
extension, and C files are passed directly to xgettext, which is
XML-unaware. So the XML strings marked for translation will never even get

Nevertheless, thanks for this nice application!
(/me proceeds with translating)


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