Request for branch information in the translation status

I would like to see branch information in the status table, otherwise
it's near impossible to find where to add translations.

One example: gnome-applets

On the page
it says 86% for sv.

When looking closer it says: gnome-applets 883 translated 33 fuzzy 100 untranslated

Checking out from CVS the two branches I can find, and running gives me:

gnome-applets-1-2: 873 translated messages.
HEAD: 931 translated messages, 38 fuzzy translations, 100 untranslated messages.

none of which is what is said in the status table.

None of the sv.po files has been changed since 2001-02-15.

It would be good if someone could straighten this out once and for all.
If the status table is not properly updated, it's hard to know where to


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