Re: utf8 in name= and comment= items of .desktop files

Vlad Harchev <> writes:

[Full quote on account of Cc:]

>  People say that it's decided to use utf8 for name= and comment= items
> in .desktop files in Gnome2. I think support for *reading* these
> properties in .desktop files would be handy to have in gnome-1.4,
> using the following alrogithm:

>  get the string, try to treat it as it was in utf8, if conversion
> fails, treat the string as it's in native encoding of the locale.

>  When saving .desktop files, still save them in system charset
> (various menu generators and other software still assumes that gnome
> uses native encoding for these items.

>  This apporach will allow to support existing gnome .desktop files,
> new (utf8-containing) .desktop files, and KDE .desktop files. This is
> rather cruicial functionality for people using non-latin1 encodings
> since KDE menus are unreadable in foot menu if locale's encoding is
> not utf8.

>  I can make a patch to implement all this if it will be included in
> gnome-1.4 (provided that patch won't have technical flaws).

You'll have to talk to Maciej.  "It's never too late." ;)

>  What do you think about this?

Since the current state of the art is more or less broken I'd appreciate
a fix.  Maybe for 1.4.1?

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