scrollkeeper translation

Hi translators,

I would appreciate any help you can offer translating
ScrollKeeper.  ScrollKeeper is used to keep track of documents on your
system and categorize them in the help browser.  As an example, see:

There are two things that need to be translated. The first is the pot file
used by the application.  Since scrollkeeper is essentially a library,
this requires very little work.  The second is the categories
(eg. "Applications", "Applets", "Amusement", "Monitors", etc.).

Things are currently set up so that for each locale we install one XML
data file describing the categories.  This means translators have to copy
the existing XML file and translate it.  This is not as nice as using
xml-i18n-tools, but the current release does not allow us to do this
nicely. In the future, we will be moving over to xml-i18n-tools to make
things easier for translators.

You can find the pot file and XML file for translation in CVS at:


Just drop the translated files back in this directory and notify me of any
finished translations.

Thanks for you help,


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