Re: GNOME 1.4 Weekly Update

Alan Cox <> writes:

> >     provide tarballs by the end of Thursday.  Please mail
> > with information on where to find
> >     the tarball.
> > 
> >     Anybody who is packaging GNOME packages with documentation in it
> >     should install scrollkeeper 0.0.5 or later:
> >
> By thursday ? Given 2 days notice. Umm

This has got to be about the 10th time over the past N weeks that this
deadline has been posted. The most recent before this was on Sunday
when I sent a reminder to many of these same lists to start getting
packages ready. We have posted the full schedule of all the
planned betas and package deadlines many times.

And we have also been personally emailing maintainers of packages in
the main release and reminding them on IRC.

I hope this deadline comes as less of a surprise to most people than
it apparently did to Alan.

And if you miss it, hey, there's always beta 2.

 - Maciej

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