Re: internationalised terminal for gnome

On 05 Feb 2001 16:45:56 -0800, Suresh Chandrasekharan wrote:
> Thanks for the information, I will cc this to Michael Zuchhi who did the UTF-8 
> support in zvtterm ( he's the author of base code too ), I was not following the 
> xfree86 discussion for utf8 cut and paste.
> >is it following the proposed UTF8 cut and paste proposal discussed
> >in XFree86 list ?

No idea.  It worked with xterm when i tried it last.

> >> What it doesn't do:
> >>  - bi-width fonts for better CJK rendering.  This is probably not
> >> particularly hard to add with a routine to determine which characters to
> >> display 2x width.
> >
> >bi-width must not be the goal.
> >multi-width is (with the width of chars (being 0, 1 or 2) get trough
> >the appropriate function of the libc).
> >multi-width is necessary for proper displaying of Thai for example,
> >but also when composing diacritics (those in the 0x0300 range) are
> >used.

Width of 0?

> >> - font matching/re-encoding, in Unicode mode it assumes the font is
> >> unicode coded, or iso-latin-1, if it is an 8 bit font.
> >
> >Maybe some ideas can be taken from "yudit" (;
> >I'm able with it to display correctly a text using a mix of chars
> >that none of my fonts provide; that is yudit uses various fonts
> >to cover the output.

gtk+ 2 has pango which performs this (and more), although I have not
looked at it.

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