Re: Translating The GIMP

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Christian Rose wrote:

> I myself would probably convert the sv.po in Gimp HEAD to UTF-8, like in
> GTK+, if I was kindly asked to, and it was recommended, but I still
> don't want others to touch the PO file.
> I think I could live with having to run iconv back and forward every
> time I touch the file, maybe I could also live with the different
> charset breaking the translation memory I use. But please let me still
> maintain the file, and don't touch it!

There are two kind of people that commit po files into HEAD branch; one kind
is so stupid that they can't even distinguish between HEAD and stable
branch, and another kind knows very well what they're doing. So how about
a method distinguishing these two kind of people?

For example, send a piece of email to committer/last translator. If they do
reply and acknowledge/reject the overwriting of HEAD branch po files, then
one knows they are still actively maintaining the file; otherwise one can
safely assume the file is not actively maintained, and can be overwritten


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