Re: Translation Status web pages

Den 21 Apr 2001 14:44:53 -0500, skrev Dan Mueth:
> Hi Kjartan and Keld,
> I have a handful of questions/suggestions regarding the translation status
> web pages which I'm hoping you both could help me with.
> 1) A couple pieces of Nautilus were broken out into new modules.  Could
> you add these to the status pages?  They are:
>       * eel
>       * trilobite
> This would be a big help, since translators are likely to overlook
> packages which aren't on the status pages. As before, it also depends on
> ammonite, gnome-vfs, and scrollkeeper which have strings.  I think these
> are in at least some of the status pages already.

I'm trying to do this now. Same for the GNOME 2 modules after the big

> 2) I discovered the apps status page:
> through Keld's site.  Is this linked from
> anywhere?  Should we add a link for it?

We probably should. The idea was to reorganize the pages and thus this
has been put off.

> 3) Keld's improvements.  If I recall correctly, Keld started with
> Kjartan's scripts and added a couple new features like linking to the
> actual po files.  His page is at:
> Should we link to these pages from the d.g.o. main status page:
> ?  Or would it make sense to incorporate his changes into the main site?

I would really appreciate it if someone more familiar with perl than me
took the time to integrate the changes from Keld's script into the ones
in gnome-i18n/status. Keld, could you mail me the current scripts again?

> 4) I'm fairly confused about what is in each of the 3 status pages on
> d.g.o.  Could somebody explain what the difference between the three pages
> are?

The idea was to have:

1.4 release -

Apps that are not part of the core GNOME release -

HEAD from CVS for the relevant modules -

In addition there's a page for the stuff that uses PANGO


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