Please help...

If you have any idea on how to solve this problem, or have any info to
add to it, please do so. The problem is basically how to do a tooltip in
nautilus properly, like

	"Display this location with the %s"

where %s gets replaced with the name of a viewer, for example "Music
Viewer". One suggestion was to change it to

	"Display this location with %s"

to solve the problem with the "the", but this still has the problem of
casing: using uppercase in the middle of a sentence when the word is not
a name is broken in for example Swedish. In this case the translation of
"Music Viewer" would be "Musikvisare" and the composed message would
look like:

	"Visa denna plats med Musikvisare"

which would not be pretty in Swedish; it should be "Visa denna plats med
musikvisare" with a small m.

I wonder if people have any good solution to this and if this design
poses problems in other languages too.


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