Re: Chinese Galeon translation?

Joe Man wrote:
> Dear Menthos,
> I would like to translate Galeon GUI to Traditional
> Chinese. Please confirm whether this job is being
> worked on by anybody.
> Thanks & Regards
> Joe Man

I don't think there is anyone doing a chinese translation of Galeon
right now, at least there is no chinese translation in cvs

However, if you do want to translate Galeon into Chinese, I think you
should first ask the Chinese Gnome Translation Team, just to make sure
that there is noone in the Chinese team doing a Chinese translation
already and to avoid duplicate efforts. You can find the contact adress
for the teams on The
Chinese team also seem to have a mailing list of their own
(, maybe it is a good idea to
subscribe to it and ask about a Chinese Galeon translation.

If you proceed to translate Galeon, please make sure you're on the
general Gnome translation mailing list
( Among other stuff,
you will be notified of new Galeon releases in advance so that you can
prepare your translation for these releases.
If you're particulary interested in Galeon, you might also find it
useful to subscribe to the galeon-devel mailing list
( That way you
will be able to follow the deleopment of Galeon very closely, but
subscribing to this list should by no means be necessary to do a
translation of Galeon.

If you have access to IRC, you might also join the channels #i18n and
#galeon on

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask =)


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